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SAUG Summit Online 2020
SAUG Summit Online 2020

Stream B: Dive Sessions

Session Agenda

1:30 pm
Join experts from SUSE to learn about key innovations and optimisations to enhance stability and reliability in cloud migrations, automate the SAP infrastructure and application deployment, and gain intelligent visibility in operations. In this session, you will take away valuable tips and advice on how to:
  • Benefit from SUSE’s stable and timely certification of SAP in the Cloud
  • Say Goodbye to downtime by using SUSE HA/DR Solutions
  • Automate recurring manual tasks
  • Reduce time spent on troubleshooting outages
  • Reduce admin and simplify management – reducing pressure on IT Staff
  • Deliver agility, reliability, compatibility & innovation solutions
2:10 pm
The challenge for many is in keeping the pace of database infrastructure (SAP HANA) in sync with that of innovations that are being delivered by SAP for SAP S/4HANA ERP. Infrastructure is expensive, especially DRAM, which is crucial for processing of high-volume data at high speed and in-memory. Intel Optane on Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio presents a new revolution in memory persistency with SAP HANA . That means, SAP HANA detects the persistent memory which in this case is Intel Optane and adjusts itself by placing the right data structures on persistent memory and leaving the others in DRAM. With Intel Optane memory on Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio, an end user can achieve lowest TCO with greater performance. In this workshop we will look at why this is crucial for system performance. We will also explore some relevant business cases including Intel Optane as a persistent memory on Lenovo ThinkSystems in the hardware landscape for an organization running on SAP S/4HANA. 

2:50 pm
Global supply chains continue to face challenges with risks associated with aligning business strategies with a rapidly changing world. In parallel to the fallout of this market risks, the tools and technologies we have on our hands to tackle these challenges have advanced in leaps and bounds. This session will explore how companies can build supply chain resilience and transform their global supply chain performance by investing in the most cutting-edge technologies, while adjusting to a new normal. 
During this session we will look at how;
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning can drive visibility and align risks and opportunities
  • SAP Analytics Cloud aligns operational and financial planning
  • Our business technology platform supports a data and analytics strategy


Other Suggested Sessions

1:30 pm
Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
Stream A: Deep Dive Sessions

1:00 pm
Breakout Room 2 , Breakout Room 3, Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
Lunch Break

3:30 pm
Breakout Room 2 , Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
Networking Session