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SAUG Summit Online 2020
SAUG Summit Online 2020



About EPI-USE Labs

EPI-USE Labs is a global software solutions company. We help our clients maximise the performance of their SAP® systems so they can make faster, more accurate business decisions. Our solutions and services simplify and speed up data management, giving our clients the tools to navigate small and large business challenges successfully.
We help our clients to solve their SAP challenges across a wide range of areas. These include:
o   securing sensitive SAP data
o   achieving regulatory compliance
o   delivering next generation HR
o   generating reliable test data
o   optimizing their SAP landscapes
o   simplifying SAP upgrades.


Data Secure, a product in the Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) suite, is a complete data-protection solution that masks SAP® data to safeguard sensitive information. Most existing data-masking solutions use ‘in place’ masking, which means that data is masked only after it has been copied to a target system. But Data Secure takes security to a completely new level with ‘source-side masking’. This means that the data is masked before it ever leaves the source system. The original sensitive data is never duplicated so there is less chance of it falling into the wrong hands.
Data security is critical in today's business environment. Data Secure™, part of EPI-USE Labs' Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) suite, solves your data security challenges.
Data Sync Manager (DSM) empowers both technical and functional SAP® users by ensuring access to subsets of production data in non-production systems. This powerful, high-speed solution copies systems, clients and individual business objects, with the option to anonymise the data.
Data Sync Manager improves Shell’s data refresh and scrambling time from six weeks to five days.