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SAUG Summit Online 2020
SAUG Summit Online 2020
SNP Australia

SNP Australia


About SNP Australia

SNP (Schneider-Neureither & Partner) is a leading global provider of business transformation solutions specifically for SAP® landscapes. The unique SNP BLUEFIELDTM approach and the world-leading SNP data transformation platform CrystalBridge® allow you to “keep the best and transform the rest”. 
SNP specialises in the automated analysis, implementation and discovery of changes in IT systems. This approach greatly improves quality and significantly reduces costs, risks and the time required to complete complex transformation projects while observing the highest compliance and security standards. Carve-outs, move to cloud, data harmonisations, data provisioning and masking and upgrades or conversions of SAP systems are part of the SNP portfolio. 


The transformation to SAP S/4HANA is a concern for companies worldwide. In addition to long-term strategic planning, the choice of a migration path has a major impact on the success and duration of a transformation project. Up to now, companies have mainly relied on the two traditional approaches Greenfield (new implementation) and Brownfield (transformation of existing systems). With the BLUEFIELD™ approach, SNP has developed a migration path that combines the strengths of Greenfield and Brownfield. Anyone transforming with BLUEFIELD™ benefits from considerable advantages in terms of quality, costs and time. An automated process puts IT landscapes to the test, streamlines them, and makes them fit for the future faster than ever before. Business-critical and sensitive data is migrated and updated in a single go-live project. With the BLUEFIELD™ approach, you can prepare your company for the S/4HANA world – without taking any risks.
Mergers and acquisitions, lean organizational structures, shorter time to market, new technologies, and cloud computing. Increasingly complex SAP® application and system landscapes go hand in hand with a constantly transforming landscape and a growing volume of data. To ensure that your SAP solutions operate ideally, you need sensible, realistic test data for your development, quality assurance, testing, or training systems. Data that helps you accelerate your software development, automate quality assurance processes, and successfully launch new business functions. Test Data Management provides realistic and secure test data. It helps you decisively shorten your development and change processes, makes complete test and training scenarios affordable, and at the same time protects your sensitive data from internal and external misuse - flexibly and quickly. The software slices and scrambles the data you select from the source production system to the target non-production system, such as a Test, Dev, QA, or Training system. 1) Slicing data allows you to greatly shrink the size of the production base, saving download, upload time, and hardware costs. 2) Scrambling ensures that sensitive data is anonymized for confidentiality as it is transferred to the non-productive environment. The SNP software enables you to set up sandbox and project systems, regularly update quality assurance systems, provide test data to developers and support employees, create selected test data for support cases, and scramble data that is worthy of protection in non-production systems.
System landscapes and the huge amount of data they accumulate every day are confusing and complex, which is why it is impossible to get an overview without the right software. This is complicated by the fact that not only SAP® systems, but also third-party systems, legacy systems and in-house developments must be considered. It is nearly impossible to fully secure a system if you do not know what kinds of data streams exist. Gaining a precise overview of all your interfaces is therefore a first step towards system security. With our help, you can automatically identify and document your interfaces. Precise knowledge about interfaces provides you with fully transparent data streams. This supports ongoing operations and helps you to plan and implement transformation projects such as migrations to SAP S/4HANA®, carve-outs or system mergers.
SNP paves the path for carve-out projects and offers innovative modules and processes with the CrystalBridge software suite, which helps to overcome even the greatest challenges at top speed. With SNP you can visualize your SAP landscapes, plan the entire migration journey and simulate effects – even prior to the actual transformation. This ensures that your business strategy and the necessary IT implementation go hand in hand.
Companies are increasingly identifying cloud computing as a driver for their own digital transformation and are shifting software, storage space, or computing power to the Internet. But how can they transition into the public or private cloud as effectively as possible? Migrating existing systems with a long operational history is an especially challenging task – even for IT experts. SNP's solutions from the CrystalBridge software suite provide you with innovative migration tools. These tools help you to considerably accelerate and simplify your transformation processes. The software developed for SAP systems enables cloud migration at low risk and with near-zero downtime. SNP's SAP data migration approach covers the entire project life cycle from planning through to final implementation. The disruption of business-critical processes is minimized compared with traditional migration methods, which require prolonged system downtimes. This allows companies to benefit sooner from the advantages of their chosen cloud solution, drive their own digital change forward, and secure competitive advantages.
Coles needed to upgrade to SAP S/4HANA, including transfer of data history, move to the cloud and migration to the new general ledger. The company decided to migrate to S/4HANA with the BLUEFIELD™ approach and CrystalBridge, SNP's data transformation platform. This enabled a selective data migration of the required data only.
Kellogg's leadership chose the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform to house its global SAP landscape. To overcome their upgrade and migration challenges, Kellogg’s engaged SNP to assist with the SAP upgrade at the application layer.
For the SAP S/4HANA implementation, NSW LRS were looking for a software solution that could address the challenges of a complex project to migrate, upgrade and enhance features and data in a single go-live project with a new optimized SAP S/4HANA as well as adherence to the aggressive timeline targets associated with project of this magnitude. The solution was to execute multiple project like database change, New GL implementation, Unicode conversion and move into the cloud in a single step, utilising SNP's BLUEFIELD™ approach powered by The Data Transformation Platform CrystalBridge.
Mergers and acquisitions can help organizations to secure their further growth and ensure their very existence. They also offer the opportunity to optimize processes and become more dynamic with regard to internal restructuring processes or the consolidation of individual divisions. However, strategically planning and implementing the associated change processes can pose a challenge for even experienced managers. The complexity of corporate mergers is often underestimated – especially at the beginning of corporate transformations. Intimes of digital change, the success of a merger or the acquisition of new business units increasingly depends on early IT integration. IT infrastructure, data and processes must be brought together and adapted to the new business model as effectively as possible. The aim is to keep the downtimes of business-critical systems to a minimum and to make optimal use of synergy effects. SNP’s software and services help you to carry out transformation projects quickly and securely. Our automated and highly transparent solutions enable you to plan, simulate and execute even the most complex business transformations. Conventional time frames for post-merger project integration can be reduced by up to 75 percent, allowing you to attain the desired value of your consolidated company faster.