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SAUG Summit Online 2020
SAUG Summit Online 2020


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How Do I Set Up My Profile?
Upon logging in to the virtual event platform, go to the Account tab on the top right of the menu and select “Edit Profile.” You’re encouraged to add a photo, short biography, and links to your social media accounts.
How Do I Register For This Event?

Please visit to register for the SAUG Summit Online. This event is free to all members & non members.

How Do I Contact A Sponsor?

Visit their page under Exhibitors, click connect exhibiting partner this will allow you to interact with the sponsors. Why not pre-book a meeting with them to ensure you are able to secure time for a chat and update. The virtual exhibition will be open during the live event hours unless specified otherwise.

How Do I Connect With Fellow Delegates?

Search their name in the top right under "Search" if their profile is set to public you can chat with them via their profile. If they do not appear it is because they have opted to set their profiles to private.

How Do I Find Out More About A Session, Speaker or Sponsor?

All details can be easily accessed via the left hand side menu.

I Need Help With The Platform!

Please contact the Delegate Connect support team via the pink chat bubble on the bottom right of the event screen

How Do I Join A Live Session?

Click on ‘ENTER LIVE STREAM’ located within the top right hand menu where you can choose the virtual event room you want to enter

What Is The Hashtag For This Event?

Please share your experiences on social media using #SAUGSummit 

How do I join the networking event?

The Monday afternoon networking featuring Headspace and entertainment will be available in the main plenary room, you can join by clicking "Enter Live Stream". Attendance will be similar to attending the keynote sessions in the morning.

How am I notified if someone wants to contact me?

A notification will pop up on your screen if someone sends you a message, you can turn these notifications off during sessions if you wish but don't forget to turn them back on so you don't miss out on key conversations!

Why should I set my profile to public?

If your profile is set to public you will be contactable by all delegates including colleagues and those you may have met at previous events! Its a great opportunity to network with fellow attendees.

What if I get logged out?

If you are logged out of the system please rejoin whenever possible, the content is live not recorded so it will pick up where the session is at when you rejoin. Please see the next FAQ for information regarding presentations post event.

Will Presentations Be Available To Download Post Event?

SAUG Members will have access to the presentations via the SAUG website, this is a benefit of membership so non-members will not be able to access these resources.

How Do I Join the SAP Australian User Group?

You can apply for membership and pay online. If you are applying for corporate membership, you will be asked a short series of questions about your organisation. You will also be asked to nominate a primary contact from your organisation who we can contact with membership related correspondence such as the renewal notice. Normally, the person applying for membership is also the primary contact. Click here to apply.