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SAUG Summit Online 2020
SAUG Summit Online 2020


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Day 1
Monday, 30 November 2020
Day 2
Tuesday, 01 December 2020
30 November 2020
9:30 am - 10:45 am - 30 November 2020
Opening Keynote
Plenary - SAUG Summit Online - Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
9:45 am
Data is essential in the modern workplace, but not all organizations are actually able to master their data. The use of information, analytics tools, and information, in other words, make a significant difference in an organization’s ability to exploit that data. In this session, Pat will talk about how, together, we can move forward from the current extraordinary circumstances with innovative technologies that allow you to turn data into insights, and insights into action and steer your organisations with 360-degree real-time visibility. 
10:05 am
More flexible business processes, real-time analyses and a central data pool: SAP S/4HANA makes companies fit for the digital age. But how can existing ERP systems be converted - ideally in the shortest time possible? This presentation will look at the best-practice example of Coles and how the company moved their financial core to S/4HANA in only 5 months, utilising SNP’s BLUEFIELD Approach. 
10:25 am
Innovation used to be driven by technology, but in the 21st century, experience design must be added to create impactful innovations. It is no longer the organisation with the best technology that thrives, but the organisation with the best User Experience (UX).  In this thought-leading and idea-provoking presentation, Sunjoo Kim, renowned Digital Innovation Strategist and UX Advisor will share her insights on why, what, and how Human Centred Design-led UX drives the success of tomorrow. 
30 November 2020
10:45 am - 11:00 am - 30 November 2020
Morning Break
Plenary - SAUG Summit Online - Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
30 November 2020
11:00 am - 1:00 pm - 30 November 2020
Session One
Plenary - SAUG Summit Online - Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
11:00 am
Analysts project a major jump in data privacy focused regulation over the coming years. It is expected that regulations will cover 65% of the world's population by the year 2023, increased from just 10% in 2020. What approaches should you start rethinking on SAP data security now? This session will take a look at some of the implications of GDPR, APP, NZ Privacy Act and similar regulations with practical advice on SAP data scrambling approach and design. 

11:20 am
Using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), BHP, one of the world’s leading resources companies, have replaced numerous inefficient Excel based spreadsheets used in the Workforce Planning process. Patrick will discuss how the new system pulls information directly from the central HR system to ensure accurate, up to date and safe data. He will also give insights into how BHP is able to make more informed decisions with the transparency and velocity that is now provided to line leaders through the solution. 
11:40 am
Despite being one of the most expensive lines on the technology balance sheet, SAP spend often isn’t scrutinised as an IT investment, meaning organisations may miss an opportunity for significant savings. This must attend session is designed for SAP professionals seeking to optimise their SAP licensing environment and will discuss issues including:
·    Optimise and maintain existing SAP licensing
·    Minimise audit risk
·    Reduce system measurement (LAW) preparation time
·    Highlight Indirect / Digital Access
·    Drive contract negotiations
12:00 pm
TasNetworks has embarked on a new BW/4HANA environment and also a move to self-service reporting. Up till now it has had little end user reporting and much manual data loading. TasNetworks has a new BW on HANA environment and has been moving data to that. It is also using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAP) to improve end user access to data and business insights as well as reduce costs and time to data. Alicja and Oliver will give insights into experiences, challenges and benefits of this project including:
  • Building self-managed dashboards for business users
  • What reporting is available and will be available soon
  • Dealing with data quality, data governance and “single source of truth” issues
  • End user challenges such as change issues, training, wider access to data mindset
12:20 pm
Several S/4HANA customers are grappling with the need to apply four Feature Package stacks each year to maintain software currency while delivering critical SAP projects. This initiative requires a huge amount of risk management while catering for an unprecedented amount of frequent change. So how can the two live in harmony? Join Tony de Thomasis and Karl Wood, as they discuss Change Impact techniques, risk avoidance, and delivering the right information at the right time to make critical decisions. Also, learn how you can benefit from these techniques in your own SAP program or S/4HANA migration assessments to drive faster SAP release cycles with better quality.
12:40 pm
Lion needed to better connect with customers and suppliers by moving from traditional planning to best practice customer centric models. Leveraging transformation tools like C4C, SAP Ariba and SAP Integrated Business Planning, Lion enabled end to end visibility of its supply chain, and a better understanding of both tactical and strategic horizons and financial implications including Risks and Opportunities. It resulted in a better experience for customers, supplier and users.
30 November 2020
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - 30 November 2020
Lunch Break
Plenary - SAUG Summit Online - Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
30 November 2020
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm - 30 November 2020
Stream A: Deep Dive Sessions
Breakout - SAUG Summit Online, Stream A - Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1
1:30 pm
Most employees would like to see a tailored view that displays your KPI’s, interests and knowledgebase to make you more effective in your role. This information could exist in both SAP and non-SAP solutions.  Most organisations develop their own custom portals to unify the numerous disparate systems with important employee information. Dr Nicoloudis will introduce and demonstrate SAP Work Zone, a flexible, configurable solution that allows employee to view consolidated information important to them and unifies SAP and non-SAP solutions using open connectors and the SAP Cloud Platform. Work Zone supports desktop and mobile users and is extensible using UI5 elements. This session will cover Work Zone, it’s numerous features and how we can improve employee engagement.
2:10 pm
DevOps for SAP is a topic that has been gaining a lot of attention these days. Executives are hearing about the success around DevOps in the non-SAP world and are now demanding that SAP teams do the same. In this session we will discuss:
  • The basic principles and practices of DevOps
  • What an automated DevOps workflow looks like in a typical SAP landscape
  • DevOps for SAP success stories
2:50 pm
High frequency change and SAP have traditionally been at odds, but with the business demand for more features more frequently, the risks associated with doing upgrades so often become untenable for many organisations. Tricentis has worked with hundreds of SAP Enterprise customers and has witnessed the successes and common pitfalls of implementing Agility within these portfolios. In this session we will discuss:
·    What areas of SAP innovation can be accelerated?
·    Getting the best out of automation for SAP
·    Releasing with total confidence and zero defects, eliminating the need for Hypercare, irrespective of project size
·    How Tricentis assists High Frequency releases for SAP

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm - 30 November 2020
Stream B: Dive Sessions
Breakout - SAUG Summit Online, Stream B - Breakout Room 2
1:30 pm
Join experts from SUSE to learn about key innovations and optimisations to enhance stability and reliability in cloud migrations, automate the SAP infrastructure and application deployment, and gain intelligent visibility in operations. In this session, you will take away valuable tips and advice on how to:
  • Benefit from SUSE’s stable and timely certification of SAP in the Cloud
  • Say Goodbye to downtime by using SUSE HA/DR Solutions
  • Automate recurring manual tasks
  • Reduce time spent on troubleshooting outages
  • Reduce admin and simplify management – reducing pressure on IT Staff
  • Deliver agility, reliability, compatibility & innovation solutions
2:10 pm
The challenge for many is in keeping the pace of database infrastructure (SAP HANA) in sync with that of innovations that are being delivered by SAP for SAP S/4HANA ERP. Infrastructure is expensive, especially DRAM, which is crucial for processing of high-volume data at high speed and in-memory. Intel Optane on Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio presents a new revolution in memory persistency with SAP HANA . That means, SAP HANA detects the persistent memory which in this case is Intel Optane and adjusts itself by placing the right data structures on persistent memory and leaving the others in DRAM. With Intel Optane memory on Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio, an end user can achieve lowest TCO with greater performance. In this workshop we will look at why this is crucial for system performance. We will also explore some relevant business cases including Intel Optane as a persistent memory on Lenovo ThinkSystems in the hardware landscape for an organization running on SAP S/4HANA. 

2:50 pm
Global supply chains continue to face challenges with risks associated with aligning business strategies with a rapidly changing world. In parallel to the fallout of this market risks, the tools and technologies we have on our hands to tackle these challenges have advanced in leaps and bounds. This session will explore how companies can build supply chain resilience and transform their global supply chain performance by investing in the most cutting-edge technologies, while adjusting to a new normal. 
During this session we will look at how;
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning can drive visibility and align risks and opportunities
  • SAP Analytics Cloud aligns operational and financial planning
  • Our business technology platform supports a data and analytics strategy
30 November 2020
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm - 30 November 2020
Networking Session
Networking - SAUG Summit Online - Breakout Room 2 , Plenary Room & Breakout Room 1